ArecaVSS - The Volume Shadow Copy plugin for Areca-Backup


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The last version of ArecaVSS can be downloaded from here :

(for 32-bits Java Runtime Environments)

(for 64-bits Java Runtime Environments)
Once your download is completed, don't forget to
get a license (free or full)


  • Don't forget to get a license (free or full) here
  • When using ArecaVSS, make sure that you are using a Java Runtime Environment that has the same architecture as your OS (32-bits JVM on 32-bits Windows / 64-bits JVM on 64-bits Windows)
  • Areca-Backup must be run with administrator rights to invoke Volume Shadow Copy Services.

Installation :

Once downloaded, unzip the file in the "plugins" subdirectory of Areca-Backup (something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Areca\plugins" or "C:\Program Files\Areca\plugins" depending on your system and on where you installed Areca). You should have a subdirectory named "arecavss".

That's all ! Launch Areca-Backup and check that the plugin is properly detected in the "log" tab. You should have a "Volume Shadow Copy" tab in the target edition window.